Project Description

Dark circles under the eyes are a common cause of cosmetic surgery. This complaint is common to women and men from the third to fourth decade of their lives. Bags or “dark circles” do not improve the appearance of the face but make it look tired and clogged. To solve this problem, you must understand the reason.
The lower eyelid consists of several anatomical layers whose safety and functions are essential for proper eyelid work and strength
To maintain the eye and create a beautiful appearance of the face.
Over time, weakness occurs in the lower eyelid components, so that the fat changes in place, emerging through the lower eyelid and dark circles.
Ways to treat dark circles under the eye

There are some medical treatments to reduce the appearance of dark circles, and these methods:
– Chemical peeling to reduce pigmentation.
– Use laser to re-appearance of the skin, strengthen the tightening of the skin.
– Use of Mesotherapy and Medical Masks.