Project Description

Causes of birth defects:
Vulva is the appearance of any sign or patches of skin, there is no specific reason for emergence, but scientists are likely to appear because some natural tissues or pigment cells leave their natural place during the growth period in the fetus and appear in a new place, where the appearance of the birthmark. Postpartum births are shown immediately.
In most cases, birth defects do not cause any medical problems, but are not aesthetically acceptable to some people.

Embedding types:
Painted birthmarks: These are the birth defects caused by the increase and accumulation of melanin secretion. Skin color is usually black or brown. In most cases, pigmented birthmarks are higher than the skin or flat due to the accumulation of many melanin cells under the skin, especially in dark-skinned children.
Vascular endotracheal vasculitis, which is a result of a defect in the blood vessels, usually appears in red, pink or purple, and can be low or high on the skin, as varies in size and location. It is possible to develop after birth with the child and the passage of various stages of growth.

Removal of laser laminations
The birthmarks are removed by the use of lasers specifically those in the layers located in the proximal layers of the skin such as the spot wine spot. The lasers, which change the molecular form of melanin, are exposed, thus being recognized as a foreign body, leading to human immunity interacting with it, cracking and eliminating it within 3 or 4 weeks.
The number of sessions is determined by the size and depth of the birthmarks within the skin layers. The cream is used in parallel with laser sessions to inhibit the secretion of melanin responsible for increased pigmentation and presence of the tumor.