Project Description

Benefits of plasma treatment for facial & hair
The plasma is used on the scalp to stop hair loss, restore its vitality, reduce its bombardment and restore its shine by feeding it at least 5 to 10 times the current platelets in the patient’s scalp. It is used on facial skin to remove wrinkles and renew the facial skin cells, giving it youthfulness, vitality and youth. That these injections are a perfect solution to get rid of dark circles, and change the condition of the skin from fading to freshness. Through the treatment of light scars and reduce the appearance and repair defects completely facial skin.

The duration of the treatment of plasma injection of the face and hair.
The patient needs to treat hair or skin plasma to several sessions from 2 to 6 sessions to obtain the ideal results and determine the beauty specialist at Obagi Medical the number of sessions needed by the patient to get the full results after the preview.

The duration of treatment per session is about 45 minutes.

Treatment of hair loss by plasma injection
Platelets rich in platelets stimulate hair follicles to produce hair and stop the fallout, thanks to growth factors in platelets that control hair follicles and stem cells. This process is normal if the blood flow goes well. In platelet-rich plasma therapy, the treatment focuses on growth factors in areas that need to increase these rates to stop hair loss and restore new hair growth.