Project Description

Laser hair removal is the most effective way to get rid of excess body hair, which surpasses all traditional hair removal methods such as wax and razor blades.
The most important benefits of laser hair removal are its ability to damage hair roots, making hair growth process more difficult. There are many devices available for laser hair removal.
Perhaps one of the best ones is Candela Gentle Lase Candela Gentlelase, which deals with 6 different types of skin. The device contains cryogenic gas for cooling, which is used on the skin before exposure to laser pulses directly in order to reduce the feeling of pain during the session.

A set of tips for pre-laser hair removal sessions which include: –
– Do not remove hair by traditional methods before sessions and just haircut.
– Distance from the sun and avoid the acquisition of tanning, and if you are those who got Altan
– Dark skin – During the summer, should wait for a month and a half before undergoing sessions.
After the session, avoid exposure to the sun for 3 full days, and the use of medical creams prescribed by the doctor to get rid of the effects of possible skin infections.