Project Description

Laser is also considered to be one of the most important and best methods of skin whitening. It is therefore used in the removal of wounds and surgeries, treatment of the effects of acne and the tightening of facial wrinkles without surgery.

The laser removes the layers of the skin according to what the doctor sees and according to each case. After this, complete healing occurs within 7-10 days after which the color of the skin tends to red. The period of redness of the skin varies according to the type of laser used and the skin type. With the carbon laser, the redness of the skin is short (about two weeks) after which the skin begins to brown to a degree slightly higher than the degree of natural skin and the degree and time of skin color according to the color of the original skin dark skin owners are subject to color changes from the owners of white skin. As for the erbium laser there is no redness and the skin continues to red. These changes continue for 2-3 months and then come to an end. The skin returns to its natural color and purifies the amazing results of the laser.