Project Description

What is the process of self-fat injection?
Is the withdrawal of fat from the body of the patient through a needle is small and very thin and is suction of fat from the abdomen or thigh where the presence of fat in large quantity and inject the area that need to fat it is a very easy process does not feel the patient any pain and under the local anesthesia and the duration of the operation about an hour .

Stages of liposuction: –
– Collect fat and pull it out with the needle.
– Purification (in which the fat is filtered and work to separate).
– The injection of fat in the place to be injected.

Uses of fat injection process: –
The process of fat injection is used in: –
– acne traces.
– Treatment of face and face scars.
– Remove facial wrinkles.
– Treatment of lines around the eyes and mouth.
– Treatment of aging in the face.
– Treatment of a disease that extends the age of the face.
– Enlargement of lips and cheeks.

Are there complications due to the fat injection process?
There are no complications for the injection of fat, but all that will be felt by the patient is some of the pain and facial burning and swelling, which will disappear after days of the operation.

Who is the right person for fat injection operations?
– You have places full of fat.
– The skin is taut.
– It is possible to be injected fat from the age of 18 years.

Advantages of the process of fat injection: –
– It is an easy process because the fat is obtained by itself.
– Process prices are cheaper than other operations such as operations Filler and Botox.
– Do not reject the fat because it consists of the same body of the patient.
– Fat can be used after a period of suction. Fat has the ability to freeze where it can
Use later.

Do the results of the permanent fat injection process remain?
The process of injection of fat results for years to continue if you continue on the doctor’s advice and away from some taboos that do not have to do after the process of injection of the face as follows:
– Stay away from smoking altogether.
– Stay away for a while from putting cosmetics.
– Stay away from exposure to the sun for long periods.

How long does the fat injection session take?
The fat injection session takes 30-60 minutes and depends on where it will be filled (shavef – eyelid area – cheeks – buttocks – breasts).
In recent times, there have been many cosmetic solutions aimed at getting the patient to achieve his goal. Radi is satisfied with the state of his arrival through relying on modern technology that has entered the cosmetic field and has become a basic tool used by the cosmetic doctor to help the client reach his goal without any pain, The process of injection of fat from the common operations in beauty centers where through the doctor fills the empty spaces in the face and body of the client and then get a distinctive shape and a harmonious body, and the process of injection of fat in specialized medical centers through a specialist doctor in a session does not take more than a hour To an hour and a half, and needs both suffer from the empty places in the pale face to such
The type of injections to be properly coordinated face, where it is needed by the Brigim and follow a diet severe and then exposed to the point of many of the blisters and spaces, or suffers from the many wrinkles that change the shape of the face clearly, and the doctor in this type of injection draw Fat from other parts of the patient’s body, such as the abdomen, buttocks, and thigh, is injected into empty places in the face or body.
Therefore, the process of injection of fat is one of the most easy and demanding processes because it does not cost a lot and its results are effective and guaranteed and do not waste much time. If you want to get a bright face free of defects and aging and signs of aging, all you have to do is call us and determine a session that will take only a few minutes Then you will see amazing results that will change your condition and your soul forever.