Project Description

Green peeling depends on a range of natural herbal ingredients extracted from plants. It is the natural solution free of harmful chemicals. Green peels can give you a new skin in just five days.

The most important advantages of peeling green:
– Provides your skin with energy and gives it freshness.
– Helps to treat the effects of wounds and minor scars.
– Some types of peeling green can help in the treatment of stretch marks.
– Can treat large pores and alleviate the problems of oily skin.
– Helps to purify the skin and standardize skin color.
– Your skin looks lighter because it saves you from impurities that reflect the dark color on your skin.
– Protects your skin from the effects of aging and wrinkles.
– Simple skin care treatment.
– Treat some images of excessive production of melanin that cause the appearance of brown spots.
– Peeling green renews the cells of your skin, and helps to stimulate blood circulation that nourishes the skin and supply with oxygen and nutrients necessary for its growth. The effect of this process begins to appear within two to five days after treatment. During this period, the skin should be treated with some moisturizing lotions and help smooth peeling.