Project Description

Gold-Faced Face Lift Gold-faced facelift technology is used to improve the appearance of the skin using the strings
It stimulates the production of more collagen fibers to rejuvenate the skin and reduce wrinkles. It can last for ten years. It is the longest-lasting technique. A thin, thin matrix of golden threads is implanted under the surface of the skin, using medically inactive gold that stimulates the production of collagen. To produce a new network of small blood vessels, giving the skin strength, flexibility and health.

How to lift the face with golden thread?
The doctor places the local anesthesia on the facial treatment area. Pure gold filaments are used and placed under the skin using a 1 millimeter needle. A structure of the subcutaneous thread is created that provides support for the skin. Face very precisely in the area of ​​the dermis just the middle layer of skin.

This network is connected to the threads in the thick layer of the skin and is completely hidden. The procedure requires only one hour. The treatment period can increase or decrease according to the size of the treated area. Also, intravenous anesthesia can be used. Routine activities and normal life on the day following the procedure.

When can I undergo Gold Line Therapy?
It is possible to tighten the face of the golden lines of those who have wrinkles in the face and want a more fresh and fresh skin, but there are some indications that prevent the use of gold threads, including:
– In the case of an active infection.
– In case of severe infection.
– autoimmune diseases.
– The tendency of the skin to form scars.
– In cases of pregnancy and lactation.
– sensitive skin of gold, although it is possible to use special types of gold for those allergic to gold.

Side Effects of Face Tension with Golden Thread
Some side effects can occur after a face-lift with golden lines, including short-term bruising, and can produce some swelling, and moderate lumps. These side effects often settle down within two weeks.

What happens to gold threads later?
Gold threads are very fine threads, and over time they are gradually absorbed by the body, and the patient does not feel the process of absorption.

Results of facelift with golden thread
The quality of the skin decreases over time, and may be affected by the factors of aging, but the results continue from eight to 12 years in most cases, and the skin begins to improve within two weeks, the results do not appear immediately after the completion of the procedure, and will disappear wrinkles after about Three months of procedure, but the ideal results appear after six to 12 months of treatment ,.

For most patients, their skin becomes 10 years younger, the procedure does not have any scars, the skin does not bleed, and the results can last longer. Smoking that damages the existing collagen cells should be avoided, and you should be interested in drinking water and moisturizing the body well. The length of the results period is a commitment to a healthy lifestyle, and to enhance the results of the first procedure, access to sessions can be repeated three or five years later.

How the golden threads affect the face lift?
After the introduction of micro-subcutaneous golden threads, support is provided to the skin. The main effect is the generation of collagen and elastin fibers that develop around the thread. The new small blood vessels form in the treatment area, making the skin more supple, firmer and more powerful, with improved blood flow. Over time, production of collagen and elastin fibers decreases.

Do you use gold threads to tighten other areas?
The golden threads can be used to tighten the loose skin in any part of the body, provided that the degree of slackness is not only severe. The skin has lost some of its elasticity. In addition to the face, the neck, hand, abdomen, buttocks, buttocks and breasts can be pulled.