Project Description

What is Filler under the eye?
Filler under the eye is a substance or group of substances that are injected using small needles intended for injecting the bottom of the eyes, where the use of hyaluurinic acid with collagen, which helps fill the vacuum and modify the shape of the cavities, which stimulates the cells to divide and fill the flaccid skin until it returns to nature again.

Candidates to inject the filer under the eye
You may wonder if you are a candidate to inject the Filler under the eye, here we offer you some candidates for Filler injection under the eye:
– The best candidates of course are suffering from cosmetic problems and without medical problems in their eyes and eyes.
– Be sure that the person does not suffer from allergy to the substances that will be injected under his eyes and used as a treatment fountain.
– The procedure is recommended for people who have skin free of any type of disease, infection or inflammation.
– who do not suffer from blood thinness or any problems with injections.
– Those who do not suffer from any chronic disease was the main cause of these problems under the eyes.
– Young people who have had these problems for genetic reasons.
– Do not prefer to put children in the process, but wait until they grow up.

The benefits of injecting the filler under the eye
Filler injection under the eye is characterized by the following features:
– There are no scars or wounds after the injection
– The operation is done without the need for the total anesthetic
– Return to home the need to stay in the hospital or for a recovery and recovery
– Filler injection time is very simple compared to the time of surgery
– Surgery will often mean removing and sticking while injections are even simpler.