Project Description

Definition of Lip fillers
Lip fillers are a process in which the spaces between the cells of the lips are filled with different substances that differ from each other in properties and uses. They all share the fact that they give the lips a young and youthful appearance and increase their fullness and beauty. There is a general belief that Filler is the name of the substance used in the injection process. This is not true because the process itself is called Filler with different names and composition of the materials used in the injection process.

Features of Lip fillers
Lip Filler helps improve the appearance of lips, lasting up to six months. After that, you may need more injections to keep the lip size and fullness. The most important benefits of Feller Shafi’ef:

1 – Get full lips and attractive
One of the most important features of Feller Lip is to improve the appearance of the lips of the exterior attractive and full. You can have a younger age than your real age with a vibrant view and fresh skin.

2 – hide the effects of aging
Lip injection is an effective way to hide the wrinkles of the lips and fine lines around the mouth that may appear due to various factors such as smoking or aging.

Less side effects
Cosmetic experts say that injecting filler with hyaluronic acid rarely causes any side effects or sensitivity to the skin. However, it is advisable to consult your doctor during the first appointment about any effect of the injection before it is done. Sensitivity tests can also be performed.