Project Description

The importance of collagen ampoules for hair
Collagen contains the protein component so it works to solve the problems of hair roots free and works on the germination of hair from the roots again, so it is useful in the treatment of hair loss because it provides hair with many of the nutrients it needs.
Collagen also works to increase the moisture in the hair so it works on the moisture of the hair and addresses the problems of dry hair coarse, and also activates the circulation of the blood, making the hair more healthy, and also works to decompose hair especially for dyed hair, which has chemical content is the proportion of tangles Where more.

The importance of collagen ampoules for the face
The epidermal ampoules provide the skin with the necessary collagen that makes the skin fresh and healthy and delays the appearance of wrinkles and premature signs of aging on the skin.
Collagen ampoules have no negative effects on the skin because they are natural substances that nourish the skin and compensate for the percentage of collagen that decreases its secretion in the body with age. Collagen is also important in treating acne and eliminating any inflammation on the skin.