Project Description

When you experience dehydration, hair bleed or lack of hair moisture, some advise you to experience Botox hair is an effective way to give your hair more moisture through the use of products and treatment of moisturizing that restore the hair and vitality and feeling better hair.
Botox Hair is a hair and cosmetic treatment that aims to achieve intense moisturizing of hair and restore hair to shine. It also helps repair damaged limbs and restore moisture that the hair loses.
Botox is not like keratin or other procedures that modify the hair wave and change its structure. On the contrary, it works
As an alternative to repair damage caused by other methods, especially chemical hair rejuvenation treatments.

How Does Botox Work?
Botox treatment is mainly used to repair damaged hair by using a compound made of caviar oil, vitamin B5, vitamin E and collagen, which simply nourishes the hair and removes dry hair.
On top of that, Botox hair is unlike other hair treatments such as keratin and does not use chemicals such as formaldehyde.

Why Do You Need To Use Botox Hair?
This treatment has both long-term and short-term benefits. So, let’s face this treatment for no more than 45 minutes. If you have dry hair, get dressed for a wedding, or have a special occasion and need soft hair, you can use it.
It brings back your youth hair and does not need you to go to the beauty salon so much, its results continue for more than 6 months.
This treatment is also suitable for different hair types and also curly hair It provides a moist and healthy environment to get the appropriate hairstyle to.

Advantages of Botox for hair on keratin
Unlike keratin, Botox does not contain formaldehyde or other persistent substances. It is essentially a treatment based on natural ingredients rather than chemical, and it treats hair first. Even the components of the individual in which they are contained are primarily natural components.
Unlike most other hair treatments, Botox does not break the bonds between hair molecules. Its nutrient-rich formula nourishes and does not destroy the scalp and hair follicle.
– Does not cause hair loss, such as keratin treatments, because it maintains the integrity of the hair and strengthens and enveloping it with a layer that protects it.