Mizotiraby..What types is?2019-06-24T15:23:37+00:00

There are 3 types of mesotherapy:
1-For Hair.
2. For Face.
3-For  Body.

What is Lafrakhenal laser? What are its uses?2019-06-24T15:21:18+00:00

Fraxental laser is a non-surgical technique that uses a laser beam – which is divided into thousands of microscopic therapeutic areas – to treat a specific area of the skin. Used in the treatment of:
1-scars (either as a result of acne or surgery).
2. Skin pigmentation.
3 – damage the skin as a result of exposure to the sun.
4 – lines of the face and wrinkles.
5-Drilling and facial pores.

PRP … What is it?2019-06-24T15:19:34+00:00

Or platelet plasma is a modern technique used in the field of cosmetics and has many uses .. It is prepared by collecting a blood sample from the patient and treated in the centrifuge where the separation of plasma-rich platelets from red blood cells and the rest of the components of the sample Blood. It is then injected into the area to be treated. This plasma contains cytokines and some important components needed to stimulate cell regeneration and growth of new cells that give the appearance of youth and vitality of the skin.

What are the uses of PRP?2019-06-24T15:18:32+00:00

1 – Treatment Of  Hair Loss.
2. Wrinkle Treatment.
3 – Renewal Of Skin Cells &  re-vitality.
4. Treatment Of High-profile facial lines.
5. Treatment Of Dark Circles.

Where is injected Botox?2019-06-24T15:16:31+00:00

1-about eye: for the treatment of wrinkles around the eye.
2-in the front: to treat the occasional wrinkles in front.
3 – between the eyes: to treat longitudinal wrinkles between the eyes.

How it works Mesotherapy Hair?2019-06-24T15:15:05+00:00

Mesotherapy works by injecting vitamins and nourishing ingredients into the scalp, helping to treat the problem of hair loss.

Excessive washing of hair .. Is it useful?2019-06-24T15:14:00+00:00

Many of us believe that washing hair several times a week is good for hair, but the truth is that the repeated washing of hair deprives it of the natural oils in it, making the hair dry.

What Is The Difference Between Mesotherapy Of Hair & Taking Oral Vitamin Supplements?2019-06-24T14:55:00+00:00

Mesotherapy is a group of vitamins and active substances to nourish hair and prevent its fall and are injected directly into the scalp under the skin, so the active substances go directly to the hair follicle and this is the goal .. Oral vitamins taken by mouth is a long way to get To hair follicles, which prolong the treatment period and the results are not like the results of mesotherapy at all.

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