The Obagi Medical Center is the first choice in the field of cosmetics in Egypt and the Middle East. It includes a selection of professional and specialized plastic surgeons in the Middle East. It also offers all cosmetic services including all types of laser sessions, beauty sessions, skin care and hair.

Obagi Medical Group works together to provide all cosmetic solutions for you and to stay in one place.

Our professional medical team, trained to the highest level of efficiency, will help you find the right program or service for you and your life circumstances. Our main concern is to help your body be a reflection of your inner beauty of a happier, healthier and more self-centered personality.

Our mission is to provide all affordable and affordable cosmetic services to everyone in one place. Obagi Medical Center,

Our Vision at “Obagi Medical Center” is to be the chosen cosmetic center by providing comprehensive solutions for all skin problems and body defects in one place.

Sympathy: We listen to every wish for you, work to gain your trust and maintain it and hope to establish good relations with you long-term.
Secretariat: We work with the aim, originality and professionalism of the first day and across the road.
Happiness: Because we enjoy your attention and are excited about what we do .. We promise to convey the spirit of our team to you and to each patient deals with us.ا.

Our Objectives

Our Work Is Based On The Following Objectives

Team Work

We Have a selection of the best doctors and doctors specialized and distinguished in the treatment of all skin problems such as problems of acne and its effects and stains and drilling and the effects of scars and wounds, and we also sing laser hair removal sessions with the latest laser devices in the world as well as treatment of skin wrinkles caused by age and also have the latest Cosmetic methods and injections to treat the defects of different skin using the latest technology and medical devices

Maggie Collins
Maggie CollinsHygenist
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Jerry Thompson
Jerry ThompsonHead Dentist
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Frank Taylor
Frank TaylorOrthodontist
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I can smile with complete confidence! I can’t now imagine ever being concerned about appearing in photos. It’s just been a new lease of life. Thank you.

Laura Hughes


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